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Benefits of Temporary Traffic Lights and Road Signs for the Work Zone

Benefits of Temporary Traffic Lights and Road Signs for the Work Zone

Road signs have been used since Ancient Roman times. Although road signage design has changed a lot over the centuries, its main point hasn’t been changed to inform travellers about the path ahead. Nowadays, motorway road signs are also essential for the safety of those driving and working on them. 


There’s a wide range of options for mobile highway safety signs designed to guide drivers through sudden changes in traffic conditions and also to protect men at work on the highway. In this article, we’ll talk about the importance of efficient road signs, temporary traffic lights and new solutions.

The Costs of Poor Signalling

The lack of signalling or poorly built signs puts everybody on the highway in danger. According to the WHO, there are 1.3 million fatalities caused by road crashes yearly worldwide. Also, 93% of the fatalities occurred in underdeveloped countries, where highway conditions tend to be daring. Several factors are concurring for such tragic numbers. However, poor signalling and highway conditions are among the most important.


The cost of poor signaling


It’s vital to keep the excellent maintenance of permanent signs and lights. Still, permanent signalling isn’t enough to ensure road safety. Driving conditions may be affected by last-minute repairs, accidents or changes in weather. 


This kind of signalling is particularly useful for road workers working under poor weather conditions. During foggy, rainy, or snowy days, when visibility is very low, bright signs help keep everybody safe. That’s why efficient program management involves investing in temporary signalling.

More Safety for Road Workers

Adequate road signage is vital for those working on it. Several professionals are involved in the good maintenance of a highway: from trash pick teams to flaggers and road workers. That’s when clear road construction safety signs are necessary; to advise drivers about the presence of workers on the road miles ahead.

More Safety for Road Workers

In this context, temporary traffic lights play an essential management part. There’s no point in putting permanent signs for maintenance routine, which is also done in different parts of the same road, at different moments. Temporary traffic lights provide mobility and convenience for workers. It’s very easy to set up these signs in the workplace wherever necessary and guarantee road construction site safety. 

The drivers’ safety also relies upon an efficient road signage system. Drivers can’t anticipate where there’ll be repairs and obstructions along the highway. So, this kind of signage offers an instant and straightforward way of communicating with drivers on the highway. These signs must be placed using a rigid protocol to ensure readability for drivers and safety for everyone involved.



More Protection for Construction Assets

Workers and drivers aren’t the only parts protected by road construction safety signs. Such signs also help preserve the integrity of construction assets. These assets include machinery, construction materials, and other resources. These assets must be protected against accidents and theft. Sometimes, it takes more than barriers and yellow backhoes to secure them.

Under severe weather conditions, several road projects must be suspended. Also, storms and blizzards reduce the drivers’ sight significantly. Temporary road signs can help protect the assets on the site, even when there’s no worker around. After all, barriers might not be visible under extreme conditions, not giving drivers enough time to steer away from them. 

Investing in appropriate road construction safety equipment can actually result in considerable savings. Damages caused by road crashes can also have hefty costs. The cost of road crashes in Switzerland reached CFH 16.5 billion only in 2018, not to mention the human toll imposed by casualties caused by such accidents. This number also represents 2.4% of the country’s GDP. 

Quick Installation and Removal

Temporary road signs are much easier and quicker to install than fixed signs and also much cheaper. They don’t require excavating or perforating anything. These mobile signs need to be placed around the work site accordingly, as they can stand on their own or with the help of a few sandbags. Most temporary road signs take only a few minutes to set up and remove, leaving no dust, dirt, or debris behind. 

It also requires much less workforce to place temporary signs than more permanent ones. Often, two workers are enough for the task, while the rest of the team can carry on with other activities, saving time and effort for everyone. This kind of signage also saves money because the same resources can be used in countless projects.

Quick Installation and Removal


Mobility and Durability Combined

Against common beliefs, temporary traffic lights and road signs are very durable. In fact, these signs are much more durable than those made of vinyl or plastic. They can withstand all kinds of weather without losing their lights and bright colours. They’re also clearly visible, using emergency power to keep the lights on all the time, and painted with striking colours. 

This is crucial for high-quality temporary signs since poorly designed signs can lead to accidents. Drivers have only a few seconds to decipher what’s written on a sign, which means they must be easy to read as well. Bright signs are also necessary during foggy weather. Bright signs keep workers safe and inform drivers about eventual obstructions or other changes on the highway. 



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Premel offers a wide range of temporary road signs and traffic lights for all kinds of projects. So, it’s possible to tick every box on a road construction site safety checklist with it. Premel is a Swiss company specialising in safety performance, power engineering, and mobile traffic signal systems. Premel has been dominant in the management services engineering industries since its creation in 1947. 

Premel is famous internationally for highly efficient emergency power systems, and industrial automation. Such efficiency is guaranteed by its best quality policy, strictly following ISO 9001 standards.


You can learn more about Traffic Light Systems and Road Signage Services from Premel and find out how they can aid in the use of temporary traffic lights and road signs for work zones. You can also connect with one of the experts from Premel and learn more about the other services available.

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