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How Electrical Control Panel Works

How Electrical Control Panel Works

Electrical panels are metal or plastic structures that enclose electrical components, controlling different functions in any industrial plant. In principle, they aren’t much different from your home electrical panel. Yet, an industrial electrical panel is much more than a box with wires and switches when connected to an electrical PLC control panel. 


In this article, you’ll learn about electrical panels, their importance and how they work.

Importance of an Electrical Control Panel

Let’s first understand the importance of a control panel in electrical engineering. Electrical control panels manage all the energy input in an electrical panel or several electrical panels simultaneously. 

Regardless of the size of the facility, electrical control panels are a matter of safety and efficiency. Gone are the days when all the functions and processes on the factory floor were human-controlled. 

Control panels can vary significantly in size and design, depending on the project they’re required. They keep track of appliances’ conditions in real-time, collect data from the factory floor and deal with preset, automated tasks. 

Control panels also protect the integrity of electrical panels by preventing overloads from burning the system. Medium to large industrial structures usually needs a couple of control panels to manage all the appliances inside the premises.



Electrical Control Panels and Industrial Evolution

The market for electrical control panels is blooming worldwide: in 2022, this industry will reach USD 5,507.35 million, and it’s expected to grow to USD 9,096.16 million by 2030, according to GlobeNewswire. The automation of factories usually involves hydraulic systems, pneumatic systems and robotic arms.

The increasing automation of factories is the main factor driving numbers up. The automation trend is likely to continue for the foreseeable future. It’s mostly due to its potential to reduce costs and increase productivity. Additionally, it increases the overall safety of those on the factory floor. 

Expanding the 5G network and developing the Internet of Things (IoT) will bring even more remote and automated industrial solutions.


Electrical Control Panels and Industrial Evolution



Main Components

Control panels are a complex array of electrical control panel components that work together to keep electrical appliances working seamlessly. Those components are all encased in boxes and wired together according to the needs of each facility. Read more about electrical control panel components below. 


  • Main Circuit Breaker

The main circuit breaker can shut down the entire system in case of an overload. Typically, these breakers can withstand between 120V and 480V in most cases.


  • Transformers

Transformers deal with and distribute income currents through various components. For instance, a transformer handling a 120V current may distribute across several 24V components.


  • Terminal Blocks

Terminal blocks help organise all electrical control panel wiring and also wires coming from different appliances or power sources. 


  • Surge Arresters

Surge arresters protect the components inside the panel. It does so by absorbing the impact of lightning strikes and sudden overvoltages.


Main Components


  • PLC

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) are the brains of the electrical system and an essential part of its automation. Its CPU is mounted into the electrical panel and deals with inputs from appliances and commands provided by humans. The CPU decides the output upon this data, according to preset instructions. 


  • Network Switches

Network switches link the interface between the PLC and other networks along the production line. 


  • Contactors and Relays

These components are controlled by the PLC and consist of on/off switches. These switches control various functions, from fans and lights to motors. 


  • HMI

Human-Machine Interface (HMI) allows operators to control and monitor specific functions of some appliances. There are many kinds of HMI, but the most common are joysticks, buttons, switches, video monitors and keyboards.



Main Benefits

There are many benefits to installing an electric control panel board in a facility. Here’s what this technology can do for any industry when adequately designed and installed.


Industrial Automation

It’s impossible to think about industrial automation without thinking about electrical control panels. They control every electrical component in a facility. These panels do much more than the regular electrical panel at home. An electric gate control panel controls doors, gates and lights on corridors and staircases.



There are no limits to the design of a control panel. You can order yours according to your needs. Premel provides the best custom-designed electrical control panels for varied functions and industries. Solutions range from regular relay systems to the coordinated control of mechanical aspects of the appliances connected to them.


Improved Security and Reliability

Electrical control panels increase the security level inside the facility by monitoring the condition of appliances and systems in real-time. It means that any malfunction can be dealt with timely. Electrical control panels also improve reliability since they keep the consistent functioning of every electrical appliance in a facility.


Improved Security and Reliability


Higher Efficiency

Automated functions can result in higher efficiency when adequately planned. Depending on the complexity of electric controls, these panels can manage pretty much every electrical aspect of a facility. More automated functions mean less waste. Also, this reduces the risks of human failures. So, it’s advised to get an electrical panel upgrade, especially if you plan to expand your capacity.



Electrical Panels From Premel

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Nowadays, Premel is the best place to find everything on your electrical control panel components list. You can always count on our top-notch professionals, who are always ready to assist with maintenance services such as electrical panel replacement, wiring, upgrades and more.



Premel can develop custom electrical panel designs for your project. You can also count on us to implement and improve automated controls to help manage appliances and machinery. You’ll find everything you need for the technological success of your project here. Learn more about Electrical Panels and Switchboards from Premel.

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