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How Premel Applied Engineering Solutions for Hydroelectric Power Plants in Switzerland


The apparent growth in the construction and operation of hydroelectric power plants is a response to the call for clean, cheap and alternative sources of power to address rising fuel costs and global warming concerns. This has been one of the pressing issues outlined by the latest findings of the UN Framework Conference for Climate Change. This was also highlighted as one of the key concerns of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). The message to search for alternative sources of energy is a directive not only for governments but for the private sector as well. Hydroelectric power has always been an option but it is now receiving renewed attention due to global challenges. Premel AG with its track record and approach in hydro-mechanical engineering is well placed in the hydroelectric power market given current demands as driven by global concerns.

Premel, a leading product and service provider in process automation and engineering solutions, designs, builds and operates hydroelectric plants with powers ranging from 20 kVA to 5 MVA. To date, the company has since put into operation over 40 plants with remarkable efficiency in Switzerland. The sites currently produce a seamless supply of power for many communities.

Clean and cheap alternative source of power

The benefits of such a system could never have come at a more appropriate time given the rising fuel prices due to inadequacy of supply of crude oil in the world market today which is also driving the cost of basic commodities to rise.

Premel AG provides comprehensive assistance to its customers in this type of project undertaking including evaluation of the location, conduct of the feasibility study, finding options for financing solutions, planning of the system and testing of all system components. In the implementation phase, Premel AG is not only involved in the assembly of the turbine and generator, but also in the laying of penstocks, in hydraulic steel constructions and in the installation of electrical controls. A penstock is a large steel pipe in a hydroelectric generating station that brings water from the reservoir to a turbine. Penstock installation is a major component of the system requiring engineering precision.


Premel AG offers its clients hydroelectric plants with mobile closing devices using their own hydraulic steel constructions that are effective for barred openings and bottom discharges of dams, gates, barrages, gates and beams. The company manufactures special shutters, sluice gates and screen cleaners as well.

Premel AG’s solution is based on smart engineering approaches and guided by strict social, topographic and environmental considerations. This means constructing and operating power plants with minimal impact on the people and the environment. This has been the distinct trademark of Premel AG in all its projects in hydro-mechanical engineering.

Hydromechanical engineering

Premel AG has a highly specialized after-sales service team who guarantees long-term economic maintenance of the hydroelectric systems. To ensure smooth and efficient operation of the system, Premel AG believes that regular maintenance is absolutely necessary to avoid costly repairs. Although the company has its own technicians it collaborates with renowned and reliable suppliers in case of scheduled and unscheduled maintenance visits, ensuring efficient and long-lasting solutions to any maintenance issue.


The company is ISO 9001 certified which attests to the quality of its systems and solutions. It also adheres to best quality policy for its engineering systems design and delivery. The company’s approach to engineering solutions is highly compliant with Occupational Health and Safety and environmental guidelines thereby ensuring that ESG principles are met and improved.

Premel AG, has been serving Switzerland since 1947 in the construction, maintenance and repair of hydroelectric power plants as well as generator and emergency power systems. Founded and based in Switzerland, Premel AG has provided innovative products and services in handling hydropower, emergency power, emergency power systems, industrial automation and general electromechanical equipmentAs a result, Premel AG has carved a niche in electromechanical engineering systems across Europe.

ISO 9001:2008

Premel AG has likewise operated and maintained mobile traffic light systems, emergency power system and mobile traffic signal systems at different sites where required. In addition, the company has received numerous maintenance contracts for new and existing emergency power systems while offering a 24-hour on-call service with its own customer service.


Premel AG firmly believes that with passion, enthusiasm, hard work and a lot of know-how, apparently "unsolvable" problems often result in solutions that are perfect in their simplicity.

Premel AG is now set to become a global company and offer its brand of service in construction markets around the world.




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