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Importance of Emergency Generator Set for Commercial Facilities

Importance of Emergency Generator Set for Commercial Facilities

Extreme climate events and conflicts of global proportions have been putting a lot of pressure on power supply systems worldwide. Still, many facilities and buildings seem to be underprepared for an event of sustained power loss. 


Sometimes, it’s not even about the lack of an emergency backup generator when the situation emerges but about having insufficient ones and not knowing how to operate them. The results can be catastrophic either way. Keep reading and learn why backup power systems are vital for hospitals and airports and for all sorts of businesses. Emergency generator sets are necessary in many cases and for many purposes. In this article, we’ll talk about how it can protect commercial facilities.

Turning It On

Power outages are the cause of multi-million dollar losses across the globe. They cause the waste of perishable and time-sensitive products. Additionally, outages and blackouts challenge warehousing logistics and disrupt the distribution chain. Some companies have industrial emergency generators, although insufficiently, while many others haven’t even begun to invest in them. 

In 2003, during a massive blackout in New York City, several businesses and even hospitals with generators found out they were insufficient or weren’t working at the worst possible moment. Despite counting on UPS (uninterruptible power supply), nearly half of 58 hospitals in the region reported problems and had to transfer part of their patients.

Here are some reasons for investing in an emergency generator set immediately.


Emergency generator - Turning in on


Faulty Grids

The inconsistent power supply can be a significant disturbance for commercial facilities. Random outages and blackouts break with work consistency, affecting productivity and overall output. An emergency power generator is necessary when local grids aren’t reliable enough to keep a steady supply, even for UPS systems.


Data Loss Prevention

Businesses that store data about their clients and goods must keep their systems updated constantly. UPS systems can restore energy supply within 10 seconds after the grid fails, allowing for a seamless transition between energy sources. Moreover, an emergency generator allows businesses to keep their critical infrastructure constantly online.


Communication and Crucial Systems

Power outages can disrupt the lines of communication and interrupt essential services. A backup power system gives businesses time to tell their customers about the outage. Additionally, it gives time to manage critical systems accordingly (like HVAC, for instance) so that it doesn’t go off suddenly.



Sudden power outages can damage sensitive electronic equipment, computers and appliances. So, having a backup plan is also a very effective way of protecting equipment and those working with them. It’s not even necessary to cover the entire office/facility with an emergency power source, as it can be too expensive. A UPS/battery system can protect sensitive equipment from sudden energy spikes.


Comfort, Safety and Reputation

A backup plan for outages means that some critical aspects of your business won’t be disrupted. It includes security systems, customer data storage and servers, but not only so. A generator set also ensures that air conditioning and other electric appliances won’t stop working. 


Over time, the problems brought by outages reflect negatively on the business’s reputation. Faulty online platforms and buildings without proper temperature control and ventilation are perceived as signs of unreliability and carelessness.

Comfort, Safety, Reputation


Specific Purposes

The smooth functioning of warehouses, roads and streets also relies heavily on emergency generators. Facilities like hospitals and clinics demand a constant supply of energy, as lives depend on it. That’s why a hospital emergency generator is required for every unit. It’s also necessary to store perishable goods, like food or pharmaceutical products.



How to Set Up an Emergency System

If you’re considering an emergency generator installation, there are a few things you need to know first. Your backup system should be able to handle at least your critical systems during outages. So, the first step is to assess your consumption patterns and needs before hiring or acquiring an emergency generator. Look for a professional electrician who’ll be able to calculate your needs. Also, this professional can make sure you have all the requirements in place for installation.


You’ll also need an ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) for monitoring your utility power. This switch automatically activates the generator in case of outages and turns it off when the grid is restored. Consider aligning this system with a UPS. So, appliances like computers and servers don’t turn off seconds before the generator is activated. 


The maintenance of these generators should never be overlooked. Ill-maintained generators might not perform as expected when they’re most needed. Such a situation can be avoided with regular tests and updated maintenance routines. Generators should also be turned on occasionally, as some parts can be damaged if idle for too long. 


It’s also vital to have a detailed plan for fuel management. It’s essential to know how long the generator can work when the power goes off. Also, it’s crucial to have an efficient refuelling plan in place, especially for extended periods of outage. Additionally, it should be installed in a place where it’s safe from extreme weather conditions, like floods or blizzards.


Commercial Facilities Need an Emergency Generator


What Kind of Commercial Facilities Need an Emergency Generator?

Standby generators are everywhere: supermarkets, shopping malls, office blocks, data centres, and broadcasting studios. The list is endless, but they’re always there to make sure that vital functions won’t be affected. Usually, these generators are powered by diesel or natural gas. They guarantee uninterrupted services during prolonged blackouts. Hotels, resorts and parks also need to ensure an uninterrupted energy supply to maintain the safety and comfort of guests and staff.



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