Emergency Generator Systems

Premel: Building the Best Emergency Generator Systems


In the event of a power outage, operations can come to a grinding halt. For modern businesses, this can cause huge inconveniences and result in significant and irrecuperable losses


It’s essential for organizations and institutions to prepare themselves for these events by thinking about energy resilience by implementing robust emergency preparedness plans. Industrial emergency generator systems are key to ensuring business continuity and the function of vital processes and operations. 


Premel is one of the leading general electromechanical equipment suppliers and providers of process automation and engineering solutions for industrial use. Their range of products include various external and internal emergency generator systems for businesses and institutions operating across various industries. 


Keep reading to find out more about how Premel designs, builds, and manages the best emergency generator solutions for industrial businesses.


What are emergency generator systems?

An emergency power generator refers to an independent power source that is called into action when a mains power outage occurs to enable certain electrical components to continue operating. 


Emergency power systems are highly valuable for businesses who need to ensure the running of operations and prevent business losses even when disaster strikes. For certain institutions like hospitals, emergency generator systems are crucial for the continued provision of life-saving services. 


It’s not only public or large buildings that install emergency power systems, homeowners are also recognizing the value of these solutions - particularly those residing in rural areas where power outages are more commonplace.


Benefits of emergency generator installation

Emergency power generators play a vital role in business disaster planning strategies. Here are some tangible benefits of emergency generator installation:


Facilitates business continuity 

Electrical power is fundamental to modern business operations. The obvious benefit of installing an emergency backup generator is that it provides an uninterruptible source of power in case of unexpected power outages. Seconds after the power goes out, the emergency generator kicks in to get everything up and running again. 


Regardless of when or for how long the mains power source is out for, an emergency standby generator means your business can continue to operate as normal. In some industries - such as healthcare, utilities, and transport - this is absolutely critical, and for others it’s a bonus that can have a huge impact on their bottom line.


Benefit of emergency generator


Uninterrupted security 

When it comes to process automation and engineering solutions, security is of the utmost importance.


Interruptions to your security system due to a power outage can cause extensive damages to your business operations while putting customer data at risk. 


Implementing an emergency generator system ensures the continuity of security measures to safeguard your business data and operations without fail.


Prevents health and safety issues arising

It is a business’s responsibility to ensure the safety of its employees. Power outages can create dangers in the workplace for multiple reasons, for instance equipment malfunction or a lack of adequate lighting that can result in accidents. 


With a backup generator, you can rest assured that lighting and other vital equipment will continue to function - reducing health and safety risks associated with power outages.


Premel: A leading emergency generator systems service provider

Premel is a leading product and service provider in process automation and engineering solutions that designs, builds and operates external or internal emergency generator systems with parallel grid or stand-alone functionality, with powers ranging from 2 kVA to 3 MW.


A leading emergency generator systems service provider


The emergency generator solutions from Premel are developed through smart engineering practices informed by social, topographic, and environmental concerns and considerations. Their mission is to facilitate the construction and operation of emergency standby generator solutions with minimal impact on society and the environment. 


When businesses choose emergency generator systems from Premel, they are guaranteed the absence of harmful emissions (such as Nox and Carbon Dioxide), little to no acoustic impact, no vibrations or fume expulsion, and a limited need for emergency generator maintenance. 


Clients also receive more than just the final product. Premel handles the location assessment, design execution, feasibility study, and the emergency generator testing requirements of all components to ensure functionality. Premel is also involved throughout the construction phases, beyond the assembly of the generator system, in the laying of fuel and smoke expulsion lines, ventilation, and the installation of electrical controls. 


With a highly specialized after-sales service team, Premel guarantees long-term economic maintenance along with regular emergency generator maintenance to ensure functionality and avoid costly repairs. 


The company is ISO 9001 certified and is compliant with best quality policy and occupational health and safety and environmental guidelines, guaranteeing the quality of its engineering systems and ensuring ESG principles are upheld. Premel SA products rely on a storable energy vector, the elements of which are available on national territory, allowing for constant production. 


Premel has been delivering complete engineering solutions to global companies for decades. Active in the design, supply, and maintenance of emergency generator systems, hydroelectric plants, ventilation systems for motorway tunnels and electromechanical works for various industries - Premel is a trusted provider of tailor-made solutions for companies requiring electromechanical engineering systems across the continent. 



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