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Premel Guide on Industrial Automation for Water Systems

Premel Guide on Industrial Automation for Water Systems

The treatment of water and wastewater systems has been a focal point in discussions about sustainability. Freshwater is a finite resource and an incalculably valuable one, as our lives depend on it. That’s why it’s crucial to have our most advanced technological resources working together to make the best of our water supply, and its consequent waste. In this article, we’ll talk about how industrial automation systems can handle water resources more efficiently.



What’s Industrial Automation?

Industrial automation is a concept that combines several technologies to make machines work smarter on the factory floor. It also implies having less human intervention in the industrial process, apart from setting up the system. Industrial automation relies mostly on AI (artificial intelligence) and IoT, the Internet of Things. 


Additionally, industrial automation systems require special electrical control panel wiring to manage all the data and tasks coming and going from the factory floor. It’s a market which crossed the USD 200 billion mark in market size last year, and it’s expected to reach USD 395.09 billion in 2029


More industries across the globe are automating the treatment of their water resources, as a means to become cost-efficient, and environment-friendly. This market has been fuelled by technological developments, and we’re likely to see further automation of industrial processes involving water systems for the foreseeable future.


Why Is It Important?

Freshwater is a finite resource, and water treatment systems are an essential part of the sustainable use of this resource. Only about 2.5% of the water covering our planet is freshwater. Automating the industrial functions that deal with this resource means reducing waste, improving efficiency, and mitigating environmental impacts.

The Different Types of Water Systems

There are different water treatment and distribution systems, depending on the type of project you’re looking for. Here are four of the main systems currently available. All of these systems use complex arrays of electrical panel configurations.


Different type of water systems


Dead End Systems

Dead end systems are among the cheapest types of systems available. In this system, there’s one main pipe subdividing into lateral pipes and sub-main pipes. This system type is often cheaper because it’s easier to design, but it only reaches locations through one pipe way. There’s also typically a lot of wastage in this system, because of the dead end pipe designs.


Grid Iron Systems

A grid iron system can provide water to several locations in many different ways since pipes are interconnected. Such a structure guarantees a constant flow and a smooth operation across the entire system. This is also true even when maintenance is required to be made.


Ring Systems

Ring systems aren’t so dependent on main and sub-main pipes. Also, this type of system is cheaper by design, since it involves fewer valves. It also uses less laterals and sub-main pipes to function properly.


Radial Systems

Radial systems are mostly used for the distribution of water in big cities. In this type of system, you can find several water reservoirs across various parts of the system. This means that it’s not centralised in any single place.



Electrical Control Panels and Water Systems

There are many different types of equipment involved in the functioning of water systems of various industrial proportions. In any case, an electric control panel board is a vital part of those systems. It manages the information that comes from the equipment on the ground and transforms them into automated outputs. A control panel in electrical engineering is responsible for the monitoring and automated response of a variety of tasks. 


Premel can provide bespoke electric gate control panel systems, and also handle an electrical panel replacement, if necessary. You’ll find a wide array of solutions in electrical engineering and automated industrial processes here. Check our portfolio and see everything we can do for your project.



Main Industrial Water Systems

There are many ways to handle water resources at an industrial level. It involves advanced technologies in the treatment and distribution of such resources. Here are three of the main water systems you’ll find on industrial grounds.

Main industrial water systems

Ultrapure Water

Ultrapure water is mostly used for pharmaceutical purposes, in the production of injections and other types of water-based medicine. This type of system must be able to produce WFI (water for injection) and PW (purified water). So it can be used as disinfecting agents or to be used as components of other pharmaceutical products.


Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis is the same process that turns saltwater into drinking water, for instance. It removes most of the contaminants in the water using high pressure. The monitoring of such processes involves several electrical PLC control panel designs and other intelligent automated parts. The automation of this process allows the control of certain parameters, such as pressure loss, salt retention and yield.


Controlling pH

pH control is necessary for several applications and involves refined industrial equipment and intelligent processes. Many processes also require an automated and intelligent system, for the maintenance of pH levels of water resources.



Industrial Automation for Water Systems With Premel

Premel has been a leader in the market of industrial automation solutions since 1947. The company was established in Switzerland, but it provides top-notch services way beyond its borders. Premel is widely recognised for its best quality policy, which reflects its ISO 9001 certification. 


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