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The field of electromechanical engineering is as vast and dynamic as any other engineering fields in the construction business. Many, if not all, companies offer a broad range of smart and effective solutions to common and complex problems to save time and money while minimizing risks to customers. Given this condition, it is not easy for clients to navigate the growing market of products and services, and arrive at a company that can do the job well.

Nonetheless, Premel has stood out among the company leaders in process automation and engineering solutions for more than half a century, and continues to move forward into new global markets that include Europe for 2022.



History of Premel


Founded in 1947, Premel had its humble beginnings as a local company in Bellinzona until its formal registration as Premel-Arnaldi Elettromeccanica SA in Arbedo in 1993. The company was then formally registered as Premel AG based in Preonzo in 2004.


With decades of solid engineering experience Premel offers innovation and ingenuity in the engineering of hydropower, emergency power, emergency power systems, industrial automation and general electromechanical equipment. These decades of experience characterized by hundreds of quality engineering solutions and satisfied customers are simply unmatched by other companies in the same field.


Producing Premium Quality Products that Lasts a Lifetime


For over 30 years now, Premel has delivered and maintained fixed and mobile generators and emergency electrical systems. Current living and working conditions demand a seamless supply of power and web connectivity while production and delivery of goods and services are almost non-stop. A glitch in the power system, abrupt or prolonged, results in complaints, discomfort and security risks. In the manufacturing sector, this results in loss of opportunity and profits. In the event of power failures, emergency generators deliver electricity on priority loads in key areas such as hospitals, computer centers, public administration buildings, chemical plants, banks and data centers.


Premel generator systems assure continuous power supply and prevent serious damage on appliances and equipment while averting data loss.



Producing Premium Quality Products that Lasts a Lifetime


In the field of electromechanical works, Premel develops technical solutions for road tunnels (ventilation and safety), test benches for UPS, purifiers for the treatment of turbid waters, cogeneration systems and shelter systems for protection from the floods. These systems provide assurance of continuous and safe workflows which keep project schedules on track. These systems also provide safety measures in case of emergencies preventing loss of lives and resources.


Premel experts design and deliver numerous emergency generator systems, powered by diesel engines, tailor-made for customers with power range reaching up to 2.5 MVA. Premel supplies all generator units and emergency electrical systems and can be managed in an island system, or in a parallel grid system, with or without network synchronization.


As a major part of the company’s register of products and services, Premel designs, builds and operates hydroelectric plants with powers ranging from 20 kVA to 5 MVA. To date, the company has since put into operation over 40 plants across Switzerland and Europe.


Premel provides comprehensive assistance to its customers in this type of project undertaking including evaluation of the location, conduct of the feasibility study, finding options for financing solutions, planning of the system and testing of all system components. In the implementation phase, Premel AG is not only involved in the assembly of the turbine and generator, but also in the laying of penstocks, in hydraulic steel constructions and in the installation of electrical controls.



Further Expansion in Europe in 2022


The apparent growth in the construction and operation of hydroelectric power plants in Europe is a response to the call for clean, cheap and alternative sources of power to address rising fuel costs and global warming concerns. Premel, with its track record and approach in hydro-mechanical engineering is well placed in this hydroelectric power market. From the latest press release of Premel, one of the representatives of the firm shared:


“Great ideas always seem simple. That is why the engineers at Premel think beyond the limits of their own specialist area. With passion, enthusiasm, hard work and a lot of know-how, apparently unsolvable problems often result in solutions that are perfect in their simplicity,”

Further Expansion in Europe

Premel is composed of engineers and technicians who are experts in their field and have drawn from the wisdom of the pioneers of the company and innovated throughout the years with modern engineering solutions and technological advancements.

The company’s approach to engineering solutions have adhered and contributed ardently to occupational safety and environmental guidelines thereby ensuring that ESG principles of the company and client companies are met and improved. Premel remains a company with an impeccable environmental and safety performance record.


As a result, Premel has carved a niche in electromechanical engineering in Switzerland with design and delivery of smart, effective and reliable solutions. Premel has been managing the majority of the mobile traffic light systems in the Canton of Ticino for decades now. As part of its after-sales service, Premel offers maintenance contracts and a 24-hour on-call service with its own customer service crew.




Achieving ISO 9001-2008 Certificate


The company marked a milestone in 2009 as it received the ISO 9001-2008 certificate for quality management systems --- a solid attestation to the company’s leadership, innovation, customer-centric management, and best quality policy for its engineering systems design and delivery.

ISO 9001:2008

Premel is now set to become a global company and offer its brand of service in construction markets in other parts of Europe and the Middle East.

In navigating the vast market for engineering solutions, one should look for a company with a badge of dependability that comes from years of market experience, a company like Premel AG.




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