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The AlpTransit Project: How Premel SA Built Water Purification Plants


Premel SA is a leading international designer, manufacturer and supplier. They're also experts in smart engineering solutions. As part of the AlpTransit project, Premel SA has built three water purification plants.


Premel SA has undertaken the AlpTransit project. It’s a massive initiative to provide water to remote areas. The facilities will be used by residents who’re cut off from the main water supply due to their location. The facilities are powered by solar energy.


Premel's water purification plant is built according to the highest WHO standards for water treatment. It also complies with ISO 9001 standards. The company has accumulated vast experience in the field of water purification. The plant uses a unique method to filter out impurities from water. It uses a chemical reaction between hydrogen and iron oxide to turn contaminants into harmless compounds. The result is a pure, clean source of drinking water.


What Is a Water Treatment Plant(s)?

If you're wondering what is a water treatment system, read on. A water purification plant uses a combination of filtration, distillation, and disinfection. This helps it produce pure drinking water. Water from a natural source (such as a lake or river) is purified using filters that remove dirt and particles from it.


Now to answer what happens to sewage water after treatment. The purified water passes through filters to remove any remaining contaminants. It then goes through a distiller. The water is heated and boiled before it is cooled to its original temperature range. If you’ve chlorinated or fluoridated water in your area, it must undergo an extra treatment process. This is called chlorination or fluoridation. If you're wondering what is sewage water treatment plant is, hopefully, this section has answered your question. We suggest you take the time to learn more about Purifications Plants from Premel as they’re among the best companies in this field globally.


Water treatment plants


Why Does Premel's Project Make Sense?

Premel's purified water is the perfect solution for anyone looking to increase their green credentials. It’s also ideal for anyone wanting to reduce their carbon footprint. The water purification plants use a process that utilises patented technology. It helps remove all impurities, including bacteria and viruses. This purified water can be used for irrigation and drinking.


The systems are being improved by new technologies. This includes ozone-based systems and ultrafiltration membranes. They’re also used to manufacture pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and personal care products.


Premel's water purification plants also use a regenerative process. This provides a closed loop of water treatment, which means it can reuse water within the plant. It allows the company to keep its costs low without wondering how much does a water treatment plant cost. It also keeps the environment cleaner and healthier because fewer chemicals are used in manufacturing.


AlpTransit Project: How Premel Built Water Purification Plants



Premel's water purification plants are also located far from residential areas. This way, they don’t affect anyone. The sites have been carefully chosen, considering the soil, vegetation and climate characteristics.


The plants use 90% less energy than traditional water treatment methods. This means they can save money while using less of our planet's resources. Premel's plants also use natural processes and renewable materials. They’re helping create a more sustainable future for all.


What Premel Is All About?

Premel SA is a pioneer in the design and construction of hydroelectric plants. They also excel at applied engineering solutions and power engineering. The company specialises in ventilation systems for motorway tunnels. They also create emergency power systems, emergency generators and industrial automation. It also specialises in tunnel lighting. This service comes with an after-sales service guarantee. It also comes with a road safety performance guarantee for smooth functioning.

The company has been in business since 1947. It collaborates with third-party firms. This helps them rope in the best quality engineering, environmental engineers and other top engineers to do their projects just right. In addition, they deploy the best quality policy and technicians to provide complete engineering solutions.


Premel has one of the top industrial equipment suppliers, trained engineers and technicians. Premel has also worked with various organisations across Switzerland to build state-of-the-art facilities.


Premel also specialises in process automation and engineering solutions. It has subsidiaries that provide management services to engineering industries for global companies. This includes designing and constructing underground pipes for industrial use. It also includes installing water pipes and wastewater systems.


Why Are Water Purification Plants Important?

Now that you know what is a water treatment plant(s) is, let's learn more about why they’re essential. Water purification plants are vital to any locality. They help keep the environment clean and protect workers from exposure to harmful chemicals. It also helps make your business more efficient by reducing waste.


Premel are experts in program management. They've worked hard on the AlpTransit project to design a plan beneficial to the environment. Premel's drinking water systems are designed for safety purposes due to the risk of contamination.


AlpTransit is a project with many facets. It’s a project that’ll bring together all stakeholders. It’s committed to protecting the environment and making construction sustainable. Premel has committed to using only environmentally-friendly construction materials. They strive to ensure that every step of the project is done in an environmentally and sustainable way.


Premel uses eco-friendly construction materials, including recycled plastics and glass. This helps reduce the carbon footprint. It helps that waste is reused or recycled as much as possible. They also use locally sourced materials whenever possible. This helps build more viable projects for local communities.

Premel's team is trained in constructing projects using sustainable methods. This way, they can contribute to society without affecting the surrounding environment. This helps you stop wondering what to consider industrial waste water treatment for.



Premel creates projects to meet the requirements of various environmental standards. This includes health and safety regulations, waste management frameworks and directives. They have over 70 years of technological successes. This includes environmental compliance across industry sectors. Some of these include construction, water supply & sewage, and automotive. They’re also one of the best general electromechanical equipment suppliers.


Premel also helps reduce the risk of non-compliance with environmental law. It uses its expertise to inform internal producers and external suppliers on compliance options. Learn more about Purifications Plants from Premel where we identify and mitigate ecological risks before they become issues. This saves significant time and resources.



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