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Top 10 Industries That Require Emergency Generator Systems

Top 10 Industries That Require Emergency Generator Systems

There aren’t many things that keep working without energy these days, and indeed, none of them have commercial or industrial purposes. There are several reasons for investing in an emergency backup generator, regardless of the branch of the industry. They keep your business immune to outages, preserving any perishable goods. It also keeps vital systems running even under extreme weather conditions. 


Come with us and learn where industrial emergency generators are needed and why.


Generating Power

It’s true that not every business essentially needs an emergency power generator, and most homes don’t need it either. However, hospitals and industrial power plants must work 24/7 without interruptions. So, the only way to guarantee this is by acquiring an emergency generator set. Here are the industries that need it most.




Hospitals, clinics and emergency rooms can take chances with power supply. Running out of electricity during delicate procedures or ICUs would be a literal disaster. Life-supporting machines, dialysis equipment and ventilators are only some of the equipment that needs to stay constantly on. 


In most cases, hospitals have the so-called UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) system. Still, it’s essential to stay above grid failures and other accidents. That’s why every healthcare unit has its own hospital emergency generator.

Healthcare Industry




The food and agriculture industries must abide by strict health laws that determine how goods must be stored to remain fresh. Keeping food items fresh involves special storage in temperature-controlled environments. The food industry can’t afford eventual power outages. Otherwise, they would risk the freshness of the goods, potentially leading to health problems. Additionally, an unstable power supply could risk entire batches of otherwise consumable products. 


The agricultural sector can’t do without an emergency generator either. Irrigation, climate control, greenhouse operations, milking and cultivation, are only a few systems that would collapse without energy, causing massive losses and disruptions down the chain.




Here’s another sector that can’t afford one minute of a power outage. “Transportation industry” is an umbrella term that includes air traffic control to temporary traffic lights. Navigation systems, railway grids and traffic lights control are some functions that unleash chaos when they stop working. 


The air transportation industry would collapse without electricity. A lapse of seconds in monitoring operations, communications, radars and light runways could result in disaster. So, airports also must have a robust backup system in case of power outages caused by grid failures, extreme weather or others.





IT Industry

IT facilities are the backbone of many multinational companies in the information and digital technology age. IT professionals manage everything from small businesses to the stock market. An episode of power outage in this system would mean a collapse in banking operations, communication, online shopping, internet searches and countless other inconveniences. Like hospitals and airports, data centres require a reliable backup power system on top of the UPS system.


IT industry




Warehousing has become so intricate nowadays that it’s impossible to manage without technology. There’s no other way to control the movement of goods, including those that are perishable or time-sensitive. 


A collapse in the warehousing system would quickly snowball into the distribution system. Consequently, it would cause statewide and even nationwide disruptions, not to mention potential material losses. For this reason, the largest warehouses use multiple megawatts of power backup systems.

Warehouse Distribution



The oil and gas industry relies heavily on emergency power systems. Especially while working in locations that are far away from the main grid, portable emergency units are essential. A generator set here keeps oilfield equipment working and can also be powered by gas from wellheads. 


Oil and gas operations usually require an abundant energy supply, which is all the more challenging when operations run in remote locations. That’s when oilfield power solutions are necessary to keep the work going.


Oil and Gas industry




Universities also need a reliable power system to keep their sophisticated infrastructure running. Everybody needs a constant and dependable energy source. A power outage from laboratories and complex computing networks to sporting venues and dorm rooms would be a major inconvenience. Large campuses use multiple megawatts of backup power systems to ensure nothing disturbs campus life or scientific production.






Broadcasting live events naturally requires energy. Concerts, matches and other events held in stadiums and arenas also need UPS systems completely independent of the main grid


Power outages during events can lead to situations like the Super Bowl in New Orleans in 2013 when 34 minutes of broadcasting were missed. The public was concerned about a terrorist attack, resulting in panic for those on-site. Meanwhile, severe losses to the businesses involved. A backup system could have prevented this situation.




Hotels, resorts, casinos and amusement parks can never go off, risking facing disgruntled customers otherwise. Worst still, power outages can be extremely dangerous in amusement parks, zoos and ski areas. So, many branches of the hospitality sector also require UPS systems to keep warm rooms, safe casinos and cages locked in the zoo. Not only so, but the food supply in these facilities also need UPS systems to keep perishable goods fresh.





Government/Public Services

Some government services can never stop preventing chaotic disruptions. Such services include water treatment, communication, schools, hospitals, embassies and even garbage collection. Security systems in official buildings and embassies rely on a constant energy supply. Likewise, water treatment facilities, communication infrastructure, traffic management and others count on backup power systems.


Government - Public services



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